Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Audi A7?


Audi is reportedly gearing up to begin testing of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered A7 later this summer.

It's a well-known fact that Audi has been experimenting with alternative powertrain methods, specifically its EV e-tron program. Although the R8 e-tron project was recently cancelled, the German automaker is now reportedly developing a fuel cell-powered A7. Autocar claims that this experimental A7 could possibly be ready for initial testing by August and, if successful, could even make it to market. So what exactly are fuel cells? Basically, they "generate electricity and heat through an electro-chemical reaction between the fuel and oxygen."

When it comes to being applied to cars, the fuel is typically hydrogen. The electricity produced can then be used to charge a battery or even directly to electric motors. Extra heat can also "be captured" and be used for additional uses and the only thing the car emits is water. Audi is particularly interested in further developing this type of fuel cell in an effort to improve its green image as it waits for battery technology to improve and for a better recharging infrastructure.

Source Credits: www.autocar.co.uk

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