Hydrogen-Powered Monster Truck Is A 1,000-HP Beast With A Green Heart

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Team Throttle Monster shows the truck community that fun and eco-friendliness aren't mutually exclusive.

Earlier this year, Team Throttle Monster built what they claim to be the world's first hydrogen-powered monster truck. Producing more than 1,000 horsepower, the dinosaur-themed "Jurassic Attack" is one of the craziest - and environmentally responsible - monster trucks we've ever seen.

Jurassic Attack made a splash at SEMA 2023, garnering the attention of many curious individuals. While it's an interesting project, what would make someone build a hydrogen-powered monster truck? According to Chevy Hardcore, the project came about when Mike Copeland, the CEO of Arrington Hydrogen, was looking for a new test bed for his company's hydrogen-powered combustion engines.

Using experience from other hydrogen builds, Arrington Hydrogen created an engine powerful enough to lug the monster truck around. Several changes had to be made to produce the amount of power needed, with the company looking to the aftermarket sector for assistance.

Team Throttle Monster/Instagram Team Throttle Monster/Instagram

Dart Machinery was tasked with creating an engine for the project. The result is an 8.4-liter Chevrolet engine with Dart Pro2 cylinder heads and the Big M 540 short-block package. While that's very appropriate for a monster truck, Jurassic Attack is a different story due to its hydrogen combustion system. It operates like a traditional combustion engine, unlike the fuel-cell setup in the Toyota Mirai.

A standard fuel delivery system wouldn't cut it, so the team had to look elsewhere for assistance. Phinia, a spin-off of Borg-Warner, was tasked with creating special hydrogen M3.5 PFI H2 injectors for the monster truck, allowing fuel to flow to the mighty engine. Phinia's Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Todd Anderson, commented that seeing the company's technology in a race engine is excellent.

Other modifications include Total Seal AP piston rings that reduce emissions and maximize power. Several big brands contributed to the build, including Edelbrock and Haltech.

Team Throttle Monster/Instagram Team Throttle Monster/Instagram Team Throttle Monster/Instagram Team Throttle Monster/Instagram

"Working on this project with Mike Copeland has been so exciting. Arrington Hydrogen is changing the landscape for internal combustion, and Team Throttle Monster will [lead] the sport with zero carbon emissions that bring all the noise and excitement the fans expect," said Paul Jenson, owner of Team Throttle Monster.

It's an impressive build and shows that the combustion engine's future may be safe, especially for performance and motorsport applications. While many brands focus on electric vehicles, a handful are exploring the benefits of hydrogen power. BMW has the iX5 pilot project, but Toyota is spearheading the development of hydrogen combustion engines, even trialing the technology in motorsport settings. We may even see a hydrogen-powered Land Cruiser at some point.

Getting back to Jurassic Attack, not only does it make a Ram 1500 TRX and Ford F-150 Raptor look demure in comparison, but it has the potential to change the mindset of monster truck fans and showcase the benefits of alternative energy.

Team Throttle Monster/Instagram Team Throttle Monster/Instagram Team Throttle Monster/Instagram Team Throttle Monster/Instagram

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