Hydrogen Rapide Makes History

British carmaker becomes first to complete hydrogen-only, zero-emissions lap of the Nurburgring.

As anticipated, Aston Martin’s Hybrid Hydrogen Rapide S has become the world’s first hydrogen-fuelled, zero- emissions car to complete a lap at the Nurburgring. The lap took place on the weekend, with Aston CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez piloting the pioneering sports car, and sets up the two formal record-breaking attempts at the Nurburgring 24 Hours next month. The hydrogen-powered Rapide is aiming to become the first zero-emissions car to complete a lap at the grueling endurance race, and the first hydrogen-powered car to compete at an international event.

The “hybrid” part of the prototype twin-turbo V12-powered Aston Rapide S racer refers not to an electric boost, but to its capability to run on gasoline, hydrogen or a mixture of the two. In hydrogen mode, car emits only water. This video shows the car doing a quick fly-by.

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