Hydrogen Toyota Crown Sedan Publically Revealed In Japan

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The sleek luxury sedan will be offered as a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle or a more traditional hybrid.

While American consumers are only just getting accustomed to the Crown nameplate, the luxury Toyota has enjoyed a rich and varied history in its home country. After 68 years and multiple models, the 16th generation has finally made its first public appearance (in hydrogen guise, no less) in Japan at the Super Taikyu Fuji 24-Hour Race.

This is the first time the Crown Sedan FCEV has been publicly spotted. Interestingly, Toyota opted not to differentiate the hydrogen-powered model from the hybrid variant; the only differences are the FCEV badges affixed to the front fenders and trunk lid.

Toyota announced the availability of a hydrogen model earlier this year but has yet to share any information or performance figures.

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As the 16th-gen Crown Sedan is based on the same TNGA: GA-L platform as the Mirai, we expect the former to employ the latter's hydrogen fuel cell setup. Hopefully, Toyota can squeeze more power for the Crown Sedan. As a reminder, the Mirai produces a measly 182 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque. Those figures won't cut it in the executive class, where the Crown competes.

Those seeking a more conventional powerplant will be pleased to know a hybrid will also be available. It's safe to assume the Crown Sedan hybrid will offer up between 236 and 340 hp, much like its Crossover sibling.

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Style may be subjective, but there's no denying the latest Crown Sedan is a handsome brute. The front grille may be a trifle large, but it's far more successful than the treatment seen on many Lexus and BMWs. The Sedan shares multiple design cues with the Crossover sold in the US but appears more stately thanks to model-specific touches.

If the Crown Sedan looks familiar, that's because Toyota previewed the vehicle (and its three siblings) in 2022. Still, this new video enables us to get up close and personal with the luxury sedan. It's a graceful-looking machine with a lengthy and fuss-free hood that flows into the slim headlights and lightbar.

The profile is also appealing, partly because it's not overstyled like so many cars in the executive class (we're looking at you, Mercedes E-Class).

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The Crown Sedan sports turbine-style 20-inch wheels finished in a sophisticated shade of gray. The rear is particularly appealing and eschews an angular, aggressive design favoring a simple and refreshing fascia. While you'd expect a hatchback-style tailgate, the Crown Sedan actually has a traditional trunk lid.

It's a rather interesting look, with the opening cutting into the rear windscreen's lower part. The rear is soft and rounded, with the fashionable light bar flowing into the rear fender panels. The Crown Sedan is deceptively big, measuring 198 inches from stem to stern. Not only is that longer than the Crossover, but also the outgoing 5 Series.

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That will surely pay dividends when it comes to the interior, which provides ample passenger space. Speaking of the cabin, the Crown Sedan shares its basic cockpit architecture with the Crown Crossover, which is no bad thing. Splashes of unpolished wood and acres of leather festoon the interior, which is positively bristling with luxury features.

Look closely at the video; you'll notice the passenger seat can be pushed away and tilted up to provide more space for the important passengers in the rear. There's no word on whether this model will make it to America, but we sincerely hope it does. It's a left-field approach to luxury and has zero sporting pretensions.

Sadly, we're guessing it won't head our way, as it would likely encroach on Lexus' territory.

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