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Hypercar Builder Thinks Ferrari SF90 Stradale Isn't Good Enough

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He has some fighting words for Ferrari.

James Glickenhaus is known as one of the few people who has taken digs at Ferrari and come away without being excommunicated from Maranello. He, along with Pininfarina, commissioned the one-off Ferrari P4/5 that was built using the bones of the last unsold Enzo, only to have car officially recognized by the Prancing Horse itself despite initially going behind Ferrari's back to make it. And though he's the founder and owner of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, responsible for mind-bending hypercars like the SCG 003, he spends much of his time racing the Nurburgring and fine-tuning his cars to squeeze faster lap times out of them.

His experience with Ferrari and the perspective he's gained through decades on the track means that he's quick to criticize the brand when he sees fit.

And apparently, Ferrari's release of the new SF90 Stradale was a reason for Glickenhaus to chime in. He took to Facebook to rip the car apart.

"Here's a crazy difference," wrote Glickenhaus. "Ferrari proudly boasts that their new plug in hybrid can operate at full power for one lap at The Ring at full power of about 950HP weighing about 3400 LBS. Our 004CS non hybrid can operate at full power of about 850HP, weighing about 2500 lbs for 24 hours at The Ring. Our SCG LMP1 plug in hybrid/KERS will be able to operate at full power of about 1000 HP, weighing about 2500 LBS for 24 hours at Le Mans…"

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Essentially, Glickenhaus is calling Ferrari out for giving the SF90 Scuderia what he thinks are subpar performance metrics. The big hole in his logic, though, is that the 004CS is a track-focused car that, while road legal, doesn't place the kind of emphasis on daily drivability, luxury, and comfort that the SF90 Scuderia does. And despite his fighting words, the SCG 007 LMP1 Hypercar has yet to be built and raced to prove Glickenhaus' claims.

Not that we want to debase Glickenhaus, though. Ferrari is one automaker that seems to need a bit of humility from time to time, and we're happy the SCG founder uses his platform to do that. Besides, taunting the competition is what makes the hypercar war fun in the first place.