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Hyundai Art Car Celebrates Tucson SUV

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The eye-catching design took 72 hours to paint by hand.

This week, the Tucson became Hyundai's first-ever SUV to get the N-Line treatment, debuting with sportier styling and equally sporty handling thanks to tweaks made to the steering and suspension. To celebrate, Hyundai has collaborated with artist Andreas Preis, who specializes in illustration, murals and live paintings, to create a one-off Tucson N Line art car.

Dubbed the 'Drive A Statement' Project Tucson, the Tucson N Line art car features an eye-catching design inspired by Hyundai N's motorsport heritage, with references to corners, chicanes, curbs and chequered flags, as well as the livery of Hyundai's i20 Coupe WRC and i30 N TCR models. The base color of the design is Engine Red, with the design utilizing the N Line color palette of black, white, red and light blue.

Preis' design also highlights the model's new features such as its more aggressive and sportier front, which includes a new grille design, refined daytime running lights and new black-bezel headlamps, as well as the SUV's elegant glossy black accents on the side mirrors and rear spoiler, the dark alloy wheels, and N Line badge. After designing the illustration, Preis transferred it to the car by hand with painstaking attention to detail, which took 72 hours to paint.

"I was very excited to be asked by Hyundai to create an illustration on a New Tucson N Line. It is not every day you get to create an art work where a complete car is the canvas. With this project, I was able to turn the car into a statement of my own," said the art car's designer, Andreas Preis.

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"With the New Tucson N Line, we are appealing to a new customer base compared to the regular version. We therefore wanted Andreas Preis to create the 'Drive A Statement' Project Tucson to demonstrate that this is a special new model for Hyundai. I believe he has achieved this, and it fits perfectly with our claim that you are driving a statement. We will soon be displaying this unique car at events around Europe," said Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing and Product Hyundai Motor Europe.

While the Tucson N Line will be available in Europe, a Hyundai spokesperson has confirmed to us there are currently no plans for a US launch.