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Hyundai Builds SEMA Car That Gets 80 Miles Per Gallon

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Perhaps Hyundai doesn't understand what SEMA is all about.

The SEMA show in Las Vegas is home to some of the best concept cars in the world. Last year's aftermarket extravaganza had some absolute gems, and we expect this year's show will have even more crazy concepts. We know that Hyundai will be there with an extreme off-road version of the Sante Fe, but there's to come from the carmaker. Hyundai has announced a partnership with Bisimoto Engineering to create something a bit more eco-friendly. Although, we thought the point of SEMA was to build the craziest car without focusing on reality.

Hyundai and Bisimoto have built a custom version of the Ioniq called the "HyperEconiq Ioniq." This car may not be powerful, but it does have some extremely interesting technology. Hyundai hasn't given the full details of the car, but we do know that the Ioniq's hybrid drivetrain has been tweaked with enhanced generators, NGK spark plugs, low friction oil, and supercharging. The car has also been equipped with low-rolling-resistance tires, aluminum brake calipers, rear wheel covers, a coilover suspension, and carbon fiber wheels that look like they came straight off a Shelby GT350 R. With all of these changes, the car reportedly achieves "well over 80 mpg over multiple Bisimoto tests."

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We know that SEMA cars like this are usually far from production ready, but we have to give Hyundai credit here. We enjoyed this drivetrain in the Kia Niro, and it will certainly be even more enjoyable in the "HyperEconiq Ioniq." Expect to see this concept car at this year's SEMA show in early November. We continue to be impressed that Hyundai can build an efficient hybrid car that isn't boring to drive. Perhaps Toyota could learn a thing or two from Hyundai here.