Hyundai Cars Will Have An AI Personal Assistant As Soon As 2019

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This is how Hyundai plans to build the smartest cars in the world

Artificial intelligence (AI) will likely play a huge role in the development of technology in the future. Even though it's far from being perfected, many companies are already thinking about how to use it to make cars better. Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to use AI to help cars drive themselves. This seems like a lofty goal, and we think that automakers might be more successful if they start off with more attainable AI goals. That is exactly what Hyundai plans to do with its AI system as soon as 2019.

Hyundai is collaborating with SoundHound Inc. to develop what it calls 'Intelligent Personal Agent' Voice-Control Technology. This system will do as the name suggests: act as a personal assistant to the driver. Drivers will be able to ask questions and basically control the car with their voice. Hyundai is targeting 2019 for the full integration of this technology into its cars. The system will make its debut at CES 2018. This may be the first system of its kind in a car, and should help Hyundai be the "smartest" automaker in the world. Hyundai's system has the potential to change the way we use our cars. So, what exactly will this system do?

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Drivers will be able to ask the system questions, which will be answered using real-time, connected data. For example, the car will be able to tell the driver the current weather report or sports scores. Hyundai also imagines a scenario where the car will set an early reminder for a meeting based on traffic trends and suggest departure times. The system will also be able to control car functions such as air conditioning or door locks, and also connect to smart homes, so these things can be controlled before drivers even get in the car. To activate the system, drivers only need to say "Hi Hyundai," which we can't wait to try when it becomes available.