Hyundai Coming To SEMA 2016 With Five Awesome Concepts

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The Korean manufacturer is showing off properly this year.

Hyundai isn't screwing around this year. The Korean carmaker will be showing off some top quality cars worthy of being on display at the Las Vegas aftermarket extravaganza, with five mental models planned for SEMA 2016, four of which we get to see now. The last, and quite possibly the most exciting will be revealed next week. It makes sense to keep people guessing as to just how radical the car will be, and with the car being done by a skunkworks crew, it surely won't disappoint.

The lineup includes the race-ready Gurnade Veloster Concept complete with flared arches, race canards, lightweight 3-piece Rotiform forged split wheels and a monster rear spoiler. It looks just right, and sports some choice engine mods and a full race-spec interior complete with an upgraded audio system. Until we see the Skunkworks creation, this is the top choice. The Rockstar Performance Garage-fettled Santa Fe CUV concept stays kitted for off road duty and features a 3.3-liter Lambda V6 lump fed nitrous to give it some bite. Every part sees upgrades, from suspension through to modified gearing, rock sliders, a Kicker audio system and KING coilovers and shocks and plenty more.


The video that shows off these cars is brilliant because the cars are seen and heard in action, not for long mind you, but long enough to give you an idea of their capabilities.

The ARK Performance Elantra concept is another mean looking streetcar that also sees arch extensions from an ARK Solus wide body kit, lightweight forged wheels, big brakes, coilovers, a custom interior and of course the best part, a custom ARK turbo kit with an Xcargot XT26 turbocharger. The Bisimoto Santa Fe, now called the Santa-Fast is a beast with a turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 with 1,040 hp and a RWD setup. There is nothing untouched on the car, it will be one of the most comprehensively modified cars at SEMA, which begs the question; what will the skunkworks car feature if that's being kept under wraps?


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