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Hyundai Continues To Inch Closer Towards A Pickup Truck

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But when will it finally be announced?

It has been almost four years since Hyundai grabbed everyone's attention with a pickup truck concept called the Santa Cruz at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. No production version has been confirmed but Hyundai has winked and nodded about building it at almost every major auto show since then. The final design probably won't look like the original concept but Hyundai believes it can build a truck unlike any other on the market.

The compact pickup truck seems like a void that has yet to be filled in the US, given that mid-size offerings like the Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado are still pretty large. Other automakers like Volkswagen have noticed the small, truck-sized hole in the market and are aiming to fill it. In a recent interview with Automotive News, Mike O'Brien, Hyundai vice president of product, corporate, and digital planning, offered a few more details about the company's upcoming truck.

O'Brien, unfortunately, did not share any details about when Hyundai will reveal its highly-anticipated pickup truck, choosing to keep that secret close to the chest, but did explain, "It'll be a very versatile vehicle that has the promise of creating a whole new class of buyers." Hyundai wants to target young buyers in cities who can't fit a larger pickup truck in tight parking spaces. The final design is expected to use a crossover platform rather than a body-on-frame design like most pickups, so it won't steal many customers away from full-size trucks. Hyundai is shooting for a new segment of buyers.

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To avoid the 25% tax on foreign-built pickup trucks, also known as the chicken tax, O'Brien confirmed the truck "would have to be made in North America." Building in Mexico could be off the table due to the tariff controversies with the current administration, so the US seems like a likely destination. Hyundai has recently trademarked the name 'Pavise,' which is the name of a medieval shield. Perhaps it will be used on the truck when it is finally announced for production.