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The Kia EV6 is already a rather impressive machine. Its recently released official EPA ratings are just as impressive as the world record it set a little over a month ago, proving that the car is certainly as good as Kia always said it would be. Excellent range is great for those with a practical side, but what about those who prefer things a little more exciting? Well, we recently asked Kia execs just that, and although we didn't get a resounding "Yes!" to the proposal of a faster EV6, we didn't get an emphatic "Never" either. Now, new images from The Korean Car Blog have shown a strange prototype, and we think it could be a hotter version of the exceptional EV.

Korean Car Blog
Korean Car Blog

Sadly, the images aren't very clear and there aren't many angles, but according to the photographer who submitted these images, the prototype is wearing Genesis-branded front wheels and calipers. The front wheels are likely there to fit over larger brakes, which suggests that this is a test mule for a faster EV6. Of course, swapping bodies is nothing new in the development phase, and we could also be looking at a high-performance N variant of something Hyundai is cooking up. An all-new vehicle could well be the right answer, since chunkier wheel arches and a longer wheelbase are also reported.

Driving Front Angle KIA
Top View KIA
Rear View Driving Kia
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Inside the car, we are told that the seats are shaped like other N-branded seats, but with yellow stitching as in the EV6 GT model. Therefore, although it is unclear exactly what sort of vehicle this will eventually turn out to be, we can be fairly certain that it has a performance focus. This could be very exciting, especially as the likes of Volkswagen are also promising to bring high-horsepower electric vehicles to the market very soon. With an arguably better-looking design in the EV6 (and most recent Hyundai products) than the ID.4, Kia/Hyundai/Genesis will already have an advantage should a hot EV be on the cards. We look forward to learning more in 2022.

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Driving Front Angle Kia

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