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Hyundai Creates A Car On Legs For CES


The UMV may elevate your morning commute to a whole new level.

The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is just about upon us and many auto manufacturers have chosen the event to showcase their latest hi-tech developments. However, we bet none will draw as big a crowd as Hyundai’s ‘Elevate’ walking car concept.

According to Hyundai this is a totally new vehicle concept that promises to take people where no vehicle has been before, it sure looks nothing like any of their previous concept cars. Dubbed the UMV or Ultimate Mobility Vehicle, this is essentially a cool-looking spider car with wheels at the end of four extendable legs.

Hyundai says that it will combine the power of robotics and EV tech to provide unparalleled terrain-crossing ability. The full reveal will be made at Hyundai’s press conference center on 7 January on Monday next week. The sum total of the information we have so far is its name and one image depicting two UMV’s going about their business on terrain that would clearly pose a challenge to any traditional off-road vehicle.

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Now judging by the emergency vehicle livery, Hyundai is clearly intending this concept to be used in inhospitable areas where a Jeep Renegade fears to tread, but with the sort of ground clearance that the UMV possesses we want to get our hands on one for the daily commute.

Imagine being able to straddle a queue of stationary cars as you glide along above them on the way to work. They may have to extend the UMV’s wheelbase to be able to allow it to step over the larger SUVs out there, but we are sure the boffins at Hyundai are up to the task. After all, the carmaker will launch some very innovative new models this year like the Nexo Fuel Cell crossover and Kona EV. Both could definitely benefit from a set of robotic spider legs.