Hyundai Drives on Two Wheels

A couple of amateur stuntmen defy gravity by driving a Hyundai on just two wheels... and then proceed to change the rear tires in mid air.

Arab gearheads seem to have plenty of odd hobbies these days, and sometimes they can be just outright dangerous. That makes it fun to watch for the rest of us. But this scene of automotive two-wheeled trickery is just downright ridiculous and we're surprised this pair of dare devils didn't tip over in their Hyundai. This stunt video comes to us from Saudi Arabia as the duo start things off by just driving around on two wheels but soon proceed to remove the rear tire that's off the ground, drive around some more and then put it back on.

Then the car goes on its other two wheels and the whole rear wheel removal process is repeated. All of this cheap entertainment happens with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" soundtrack blasting in the background. Is this talent or what?

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