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The 2010 Hyundai Genesis is a rear-wheel-drive sedan with luxury, offered in a $30,000 price bracket. With the longest warranty of any upscale midsize car, the 2010 Genesis is an extraordinary car, one that is forcing many to reconsider their opinions of Hyundai. Its lavish features and engine power have it competing against large luxury cars, it's as quiet as a Lexus LS, and in its V8 trim it's more powerful than a BMW 5-Series.

The Genesis was only introduced a year ago and it quickly won the North American Car of the Year Award, earning it much deserved respect. The 2010 Genesis is here with several upgrades, like improved handling, and a re-tuned suspension to reduce body lean in tight corners. The 2010 Genesis truly is a pleasant new beginning for Hyundai.

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