Hyundai Giving Away 5,000 Unique NFTs For Free

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The South Korean company is hoping to appeal to Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

The world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is often confusing and has little interest to the average gearhead. Still, that hasn't stopped the world's automakers from embracing digital assets. Acura, for example, gifted the first 500 Integra buyers with a special art piece that transforms once they take delivery of their vehicles. Even the traditionalists over at Bentley couldn't resist the fad and released an NFT of their own.

And now Hyundai is joining in on the fun. Revealed on the same day as the swoopy Ioniq 6, the company announced the advent of 5,000 unique NFTs and the creation of the Ioniq citizenship. This, explains the company, "aims to expand the realm of unique electrified customer experiences provided by the Ioniq lineup to the digital space that has no physical limitations."

The NFTs will be offered in six distinct themes; Entertainment, Socializing, Healing, Work, Fun Driving, and Stress-Free Driving. The automaker notes these have been designed to reflect customer experiences within the vehicle's interior.


Hyundai's NFT approach differs from other motoring brands, though. Instead of making it an exclusive event (or charging an exorbitant fee), the South Korean automaker distributed it via airdrop for free as it wanted to "lower the barrier to entry for more people to participate in the unique experiences."

Each digital art piece is unique. The generative format can combine several backgrounds, objects, and exterior colors to create tens of thousands of different combinations. Interestingly, the ever-changing background is said to represent the Ioniq 6's interior and ambient lighting. There's also the chance for NFT owners to get their hands on tangible items, such as custom phone cases from NFTYC (NFT Your Case).

This will be done through gift card and other giveaways, which also includes virtual fashion giveaways and exclusive access to Planet Hyundai, the company's virtual hangout space. Soon, there will also be the opportunity for NFT holders to partake in an interactive virtual space.

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It seems the brand is only getting started in the world of NFTs. As the company's Thomas Schemera notes, "Hyundai hopes to increase the connection with customers and interact [more innovatively], based on the unique value of the Ioniq lineup. We will continue to provide 'phygital (physical + digital)' experiences that merge the real world and the digital world for the new generation of customers who are more accustomed to digital technology."

At least the company isn't putting its full weight behind this questionable trend. Hyundai is working on a hotted-up N version of the Ioniq 5 and recently unveiled two incredible N performance concepts. One is based on the Ioniq 6 and boasts a heady 576 horsepower. The electric performer will be bolstered by a drop-dead gorgeous, retro-inspired concept that will run on hydrogen. If this is what the future of Hyundai holds, we're willing to overlook the peculiar fascination with NFTs.


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