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Hyundai Has An Awesome Christmas Present For Million-Mile Elantra Owner

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Time for a second million-mile journey.

Earlier this month we heard the story of Farah Haines, the owner of a 2013 Hyundai Elantra that recently passed the one-million-mile barrier. It took Haines, an auto parts delivery driver, only five years to do this, averaging 200,000 miles per year. The average American drives 14,000 per year. Hyundai immediately realized this was quite an accomplishment, so it decided to award Haines "The Million Mile Emblem" to place on her digital odometer. That odometer is only programmed to record up to six figures, hence the need for the emblem. Despite proper car maintenance such as replacing the car's oil every two weeks, Haines' Elantra still takes quite a beating and Hyundai figured it was the perfect time to present her with a very appropriate Christmas present.

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That surprise is a brand new 2019 Elantra. Because she makes deliveries seven days a week, day and night, reliable transportation is a must, and the latest Elantra, at least Hyundai believes, is up for the task. But Hyundai figured it'd be fun to surprise Haines with her new car by having her think she was making a regular auto shop drop off, but was instead greeted by friends and family. All of this was caught on video as part of Hyundai's continued promo campaign highlighting this impressive accomplishment. And in case you're wondering, Hyundai's product engineers inspected her old Elantra's engine casting numbers, service records, wire harness, and motor mounts.

The automaker's service and systems engineers further examined Haines' mileage records for her two jobs, along with the VIN report and Carfax. Everything fully confirmed her 2013 Elantra is officially a member of the exclusive Million Mile Club. Assuming Haines continues her current job and schedule, then chances are we'll be seeing her and her 2019 Elantra again in five years' time for yet another million-mile award ceremony.