Hyundai Has NOT Stopped Developing Gasoline Engines

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Reports of the gasoline engine's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

A recent report claimed that Hyundai was stopping the development of combustion engines, while another claimed that even hydrogen fuel cell development was being stopped. Why? To pursue electric powertrains instead. The news followed shortly after Hyundai had announced the retirement of Albert Biermann, who had been in charge of the brand's N performance division since its inception and turned it into a force to be reckoned with with products like the brilliant new Hyundai Kona N. Well, it turns out these reports from Hyundai's homeland of South Korea were not quite accurate, as Motor1 has confirmed.

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The publication received feedback from Hyundai motor America's Senior Group Manager, Michael Stewart. In his response, Stewart confirmed that Hyundai Motor Group "is not halting the development of its engines following recent media speculation. The Group is dedicated to providing a strong portfolio of powertrains to global customers, which includes a combination of highly efficient engines and zero-emissions electric motors."

This makes much more sense, as fully electric product lineups in many markets are still a decade away at the earliest, and the pursuit of cleaner power is never a wasted venture.

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Hyundai has committed to becoming a pure electric brand by 2035, phasing out combustion entirely for most markets by 2040. The 'most markets' is a pertinent fact, however, as many markets do not have the infrastructure for EVs. Markets like this could benefit from hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, so it comes as good news that the report of hydrogen development being halted was also false, with a source claiming to Korean business newspaper Maeil Business that, "The automaker denies the speculation, claiming its roadmap on next-generation fuel cell development and electrification of Genesis fleet remains intact."

There you have it, Hyundai will continue with both hydrogen and combustion-powered cars for now.

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Source Credits: Motor1

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2019-2021 Hyundai Nexo Fuel Cell Engine
2019-2022 Kia Niro EV Engine
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