Hyundai Has Really Cool Plans For The N Performance Brand


The new Veloster N is only the beginning.

Hyundai reminded us, once again, at Detroit last month that it should no longer be underestimated. It has serious affordable performance car capabilities, evidenced by the all-new 2019 Veloster N. As it turns out, there's even more to this story. Car and Driver chatted with N brand manager, Albert Biermann, at Detroit and learned more about his big plans. For starters, Biermann reiterated the importance of seeing "how the marketplace reacts" to the new sub-brand.

Assuming it gets a warm reception, Biermann said a so-called middle trim that capitalizes on the N brand but not quite as hardcore will arrive. Think BMW M versus M Performance, and Cadillac V versus V-Sport. Biermann said these future models will be branded N Sport, but will not get "a different engine, bigger brakes, or a whole new suspension or axle." Instead, they will be tuned "for a more sporty driving experience." Biermann also said it's possible the package will also be equipped with a different set of tires than the full-blown N models. Of course, some exterior visual alterations will be made. Perhaps best of all, the N Sport trim could be available on vehicles that do not have an alter ego N model. Cool.

Hyundai will also launch, though no date has been provided, unspecified N accessories. Ongoing involvement in motorsport is also on the agenda, such as the World Rally Championship effort. US racing entries haven't been ruled out either. In regards to pricing, Hyundai has not released any figures yet, but Biermann told C&D it will be reasonable and keep with the automaker's value philosophy. "Expect better value for money," he said, when compared to the competition. Given that a new Ford Focus ST will set you back at least $26,000 without any options, we're more appreciative of Hyundai and its grand N performance division plans than ever.

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