Hyundai Has Something Special In Store For The Paris Motor Show


If only the name was as interesting as the car it's associated with.

It's quite hard nowadays to find an active mainstream manufacturer that hasn't produced a hot hatchback of some description. Pretty much every brand from Europe has had a crack at that particular whip, and even the likes of Dodge and Holden have attempted to make a sporty five-door. The only exemption to the rule that we can think of, in fact, is Hyundai, so hopefully this new concept car means it won't be long before it too jumps on the hot hatch bandwagon.

Yes, we've known Hyundai has been planning a feisty i30 N for some time now, but we haven't really seen much of this particular project outside of the development car that was entered into the Nurburging 24 Hours endurance race. Now, though, Hyundai's announced it'll be bringing to next week's Paris Motor Show something called the 'RN30.' The name's not particularly exciting, but the fact it's an outrageously-styled hot hatch concept (as you can probably tell from the sole teaser image that Hyundai has provided us) should help rectify that. We know there's not a lot to go on, but what is on display is certainly rather intriguing.

Plus, as the concept's name and the references to the recently-revealed new generation Hyundai i30 in the official press release suggest, the RN30 will almost certainly be our first proper preview of the aforementioned i30 N hot hatchback. Other than that, though, we know absolutely nothing else about this new design study - which will hopefully mean there's a lot we can uncover about it (and, hopefully, the production car we all know it'll eventually spawn) during the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Fingers crossed the Hyundai RN30 concept car doesn't disappoint when it's revealed in full.

Source Credits: caranddriver

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