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Hyundai Hits A Snag With The All-Electric Ioniq

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The company is facing a production shortage.

The Hyundai Ioniq started off as a great Toyota Prius alternative, and an ideal starting point for the carmaker's future EV lineup. Unfortunately, the Ioniq EV is facing a global battery shortage according to Green Car Reports. This news originated from a sales bulletin by Hyundai in Canada entitled "18My Ioniq EV Short-Term Production Shortage." The bulletin informs dealerships that "Due to a temporary global battery supply shortage, the sold order entry system for 18MY Ioniq EV will be closed effective immediately."

Fortunately for customers who want to buy one, "The 19MY Ioniq EV will be opened at the same time to allow for pre-sale of 19My Ioniq EV, with deliveries beginning in July." Dealerships were informed that their current inventory may not be sufficient to fulfill orders, and that regional offices would inform them if any orders were effected. It appears Canada is not the only region effected, as customers in California have also reported backorders. The battery shortage is coming at a bad time for Hyundai, as the brand is set to launch its second EV model, the Kona EV. A Hyundai spokesperson said the shortage may effect Kona production.

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Hyundai's sister company Kia also recently revealed the electric version of its Niro SUV, which may be effected by the shortage depending on when it enters production. We'll continue to monitor the battery shortage to see if it effects any other manufacturers.