Hyundai HND-7 Hexa Space MPV Concept Debuts in Delhi


An innovative use of interior space is showcased by Hyundai in their MPV concept.

The Korean carmaker has used the Delhi Auto Expo to premiere their Hexa Space MPV concept, which showcases a new way to maximize internal space while minimizing vehicle width. According to Hyundai, the concept revolutionizes the use of interior space by using eight slim, hexagonally shaped seats that move together like pieces in a puzzle. This is a novel approach for the hexagon, which from honeycombs to architecture is known as the optimum space for efficiency.


India is the ideal place for the Hexa Space Concept, codenamed HND-7, to make its world debut as it's compact enough for the chaotic roads, and with eight seats you can easily get a family of 12 in there. There are multiple configurations for the seating: for greater comfort the center seats can fold flat, the second row also folds flat for a limousine style setup, and the back row can be folded flat for light-cargo use. In fact all eight seats can be folded flat for camping, making it ideal for a driving holiday or if you can't keep up with mortgage repayments.

Power comes from Hyundai's Kappa 1.2-liter turbo GDI engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. On the inside there's a host of high-tech gadgets, including a touch-screen center console and a push-button shifter, while several storage spaces can be found throughout. Thanks to an innovative door design the Hexa Space is easy to get in and out of, and despite a roomy interior its overall width is narrow and only slightly wider than the compact ix20 it shares its platform with. The Hexa Space would be an ideal car in the world's emerging nations, however Hyundai has yet to announce any production plans for the innovative MPV.


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