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Hyundai i30 Fastback N Is The Latest Piece Of Forbidden Fruit For America

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Fortunately, we’re getting the Veloster N, but this fastback looks pretty sweet.

Hyundai has just announced that it's in the final development stages for its next performance N car, the i30 Fastback N. And no, it's not coming to America, which is kind of a shame. The South Korean automaker has also released a few images of a thinly disguised prototype undergoing testing on European roads as well as the Nurburgring, where Hyundai has a technical center.

Essentially, it's undergoing the same rigorous testing as the i30 N hot hatch and the Veloster N (which will be sold in the US). Hyundai released the i30 Fastback earlier this year, and despite the fact it's built on a front-wheel drive platform, it has the same body style as its larger corporate cousin, the Kia Stinger GT.

The upcoming addition of the i30 Fastback N will at least provide European buyers a so-called "poor man's Stinger," if you will. Based on driving impressions of the new Veloster N and Stinger GT, it's clear the automaker has come a very long way in a relatively short period of time. Poaching long-time BMW M division engineering chief Albert Biermann was a huge coup, and the results are already speaking for themselves. Another interesting bit about the i30 Fastback is that it's the only five-door coupe in its segment. And when we say 'coupe,' it really means 'four-door coupe.' However, the fastback body style is what gives it real personality. Could Hyundai offer something similar in the US, say a re-bodied Elantra?

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We've asked a few Hyundai officials about that and they didn't immediately say no, but rather that they're constantly working to gauge market interest. One official told this writer with a wink and a smile that the success of the Stinger GT in the US is a big deal for Hyundai as well. So, when will we ultimately see this latest example of forbidden fruit? Hyundai says more details about the new i30 Fastback N, such as its launch date, will be announced later this year.