Hyundai i30 Takes on a Pack of Cheeky Monkeys

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A group of baboons test how tough the new i30 is.

Hyundai's UK division has taken the next-generation i30 hatchback out to a safari park to see how well it stands up to a pack of 'cheeky monkeys.' The family car was immediately pounced upon and the end result? See for yourself below.

The stunt took place at Knowsley Safari Park in Prescot, Merseyside, England. The next-generation Hyundai i30 spent 10 hours in the primates' enclosure and survived surprisingly well. "For a baboon, to have a car to play with for a whole day is manna from heaven!" says David Ross, General Manager at Knowsley Safari Park. "I've seen thousands of cars pass through this enclosure, get mobbed by monkeys, and none have lasted the distance as well as this Hyundai. These baboons are incredibly inquisitive. If you put them on any car they will scour it for the weak points and find any faults."

He further remarked that "At one point there were 40 monkeys in the car, pushing it to its limits -- that's ten times the size of the average human family!" For the baboons help in assessing the quality of the hatchback, Hyundai donated £1,000 to the Primate Society of Great Britain charity. Well played Hyundai, well played.

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