Hyundai Intrado Concept Mixes Crossover with Hydrogen

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Could this be a styling preview of the next-generation Tucson?

What you're looking at is the soon to be revealed Hyundai Intrado Concept. We'll have live photos and more details next week from Geneva, but for now these few images of Hyundai's latest technical and styling showcase have hit the web. Described as a three-door crossover that seats four, the Intrado Concept is made from a lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced plastic superstructure. It also features Hyundai's second-generation hydrogen fuel cell powertrain.


Additionally, the Intrado is an evolutionary update of the South Korean brand's "Fluidic Sculpture" styling language. Take one look at the front grille and without question there's influence from the new 2015 Genesis. More importantly, however, is its advanced technologies. That lightweight superstructure is actually 70 percent lighter than an equivalent steel structure, while still being twice as rigid. Under the hood lies a fuel cell and an electric motor that drives the front wheels. Energy is also converted and then stored in a 36kWh lithium-ion battery. The concept's hydrogen supply is stored in high-pressure tanks under the rear seats. Hyundai hasn't released exact power figures just yet, but we're anxious to learn more.

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