Hyundai Invents The Ultimate Party Tailgate

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This looks perfect for a beach day or a pre-game tailgate party!

It was only a few weeks ago when Hyundai filed a patent for a new liftgate design that slides onto the roof, rather than open upward with a hinge like a conventional SUV or hatchback. This new design would be easier to open in a low-roof garage or if the car is close to a wall. Hyundai's engineers are clearly fascinated with improving the customer experience with SUV trunks, as-evidenced by yet another patent filing.

CarBuzz has uncovered a new patent filed with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office that could appear on future SUV models like Hyundai Ioniq 7. Instead of one large opening door, this design features double doors like those on a Mini Clubman.

CarBuzz German Patent and Trade Mark Office German Patent and Trade Mark Office

The description of the design reads as follows: a multi-function door for a vehicle includes a door body that is disposed on a side of the vehicle and is configured to be openable or closable. The door body has an inner side surface facing the interior of the vehicle and an outer side surface facing the outside of the vehicle. The multi-function door further includes a door seat coupled to the inner side surface of the door body and configured to be received into or unfolded from the door body.

As shown in the included images, the vehicle would have rear-facing jump seats (like a Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain) with foldable inward-facing seats (similar to last-generation Ford Ranger) mounted on the door. Hyundai imagines owners will open the door, perhaps at the beach or a campsite, and congregate around the seats in the rear cargo area. "Partygate" would be a good name for this trunk configuration.

German Patent and Trade Mark Office German Patent and Trade Mark Office Rear View Hyundai German Patent and Trade Mark Office
Rear View

Hyundai says the design will also include a foldable table that can be stored in the cargo floor and storage in the doors that can be used for drinks (pictured above). We could see this arrangement being useful for a large family SUV or an off-road-focused model built for lifestyle activities. It's unclear if Hyundai plans to apply this to a production vehicle or just a concept. There's also a chance this patent might not be used at all, though the idea seems too cool to leave in the design phase.

Rear View Hyundai Top View Hyundai Side View Hyundai Front Angle View Hyundai
Rear View
Top View
Side View
Front Angle View

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