Hyundai Is Getting Serious About Renewable Energy

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The carmaker is part of 350 companies pushing for sustainable manufacturing.

Hyundai's shift to electric vehicles and a more sustainable future is no secret. The brand has been beating that proverbial drum for some time now. It's planning on building more electric cars here in the States, as well as a new plant to make more liberal use of sustainable materials in its models. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 already has some, with seat fabric made from recycled bottles and more. Kia is in the same boat, with the Kia EV6 using similarly sustainable materials.

Apparently, Hyundai doesn't feel that's enough. Along with four other affiliate companies (including Kia) it is joining the Climate Group's RE100- a global initiative that's committed to moving large companies towards 100% renewable electricity by 2050.

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The list of affiliate companies is as long as it is interesting, so we'll give you a couple of highlights. The South Korean Kia Tigers baseball team (yes, as in Kia cars) is on the list, as well as a number of Hyundai and Kia's more focused subsidiary companies. Critically, HL Greenpower, a battery pack manufacturer is also on the list. Greener battery manufacturing is key to making electric vehicles more sustainable and is often a hot talking point when EVs are brought up.

All four of the Hyundai/Kia companies joining the RE100 will make efforts to hit that 100% renewable target and hit it ahead of schedule. Hyundai is aiming for as early as 2040, though that depends on "energy supply and demand conditions."

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How these targets are hit will vary from company to company. Pretty much everyone is starting from a different spot when it comes to sustainability. That said, the Group will build an eco-friendly smart factory that'll focus on more efficient production, accelerating vehicle electrification, and supporting carbon neutrality across the Group's global supply chain.

Hyundai and its subsidiaries are joining a league of over 350 companies committed to this, which is obviously a very good thing. Much of the planet's harmful environmental damage has been done by large corporations, and having a body uniting them will hopefully lead to some accountability. Of course, it'll also serve to continue bolstering both Hyundai and Kia's green efforts.

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