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Hyundai Kona Electric Has Better Range Than Tesla Model 3

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As confirmed by the EPA.

The electric variant of Hyundai's newest crossover should be here soon. The Kona Electric is still listed as a future model on Hyundai's website with a note that it should be arriving in fall of 2018. However, we already know plenty after it was shown off for global markets earlier this year.

Early range estimates for the Kona Electric were as high as 292 miles, but Hyundai's website estimated it would be around 250 miles. Now the EPA has officially revealed its figures for the 2019 Kona Electric and the numbers are good.

The EPA says the Kona Electric will travel 258 miles on a charge, besting the Chevy Bolt (238 miles), Nissan Leaf (151 miles), and base Tesla Model 3 (220 miles). MPGe figures for the Kona Electric are 132 city, 108 highway, and 120 combined. For comparison, the long-range Tesla Model 3 has slightly better MPGe figures of 131 city, 120 highway, and 126 combined as well as a massive 310-mile range. Unfortunately, Tesla still hasn't built the standard $35,000 Model 3, so EPA figures are not available.

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We still don't know how much the Kona Electric will cost or when exactly we can expect to see it reach dealerships. If Hyundai is able to price it close to Tesla's promised $35,000 number for the Model 3, the Kona Electric could dominate this segment. For now, the cheapest Model 3 available costs around $49,000, so the competition to build the best $35,000 EV with a range of over 200 miles is still anyone's game.