Hyundai Makes Hummer's Crabwalk Even Better

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Look out, cars will be driving in all sorts of weird ways in the future.

The GMC Hummer won't be the only SUV crabwalking its way around town if a new patent from Hyundai goes into production. It shows a gear selector dial similar to what we see on some Kia and Hyundai models. But in addition to your normal P, D and R, we also see buttons with pictures on them.

Those pictures show a vehicle in different crabwalk steering modes. One features all the tires in position to make the vehicle spin in place, one makes it move on an angle and one tightens its turning radius. The patent also describes an in-wheel motor that powers, steers and suspends the wheels.

Hyundai/Patent Office
Hyundai/Patent Office
2022 Genesis GV60 Cup Holder Genesis

The patent calls it an "in-wheel system vehicle, in which a shift button for a shift control and a dial for a steering control are integrated into one component, the number of components and costs may be reduced, and marketability may be improved by providing a driver with vehicle information through an operation of the dial particularly when the steering control is not performed."

The patent also notes that this system doesn't have to use a dial like in the drawings. It could be a slider or a standard gear selector. It also says this will all be done by wire, which means nothing will be connected mechanically. Those extra mode buttons could also be covered when not in use.

Hyundai/Patent Office
Hyundai/Patent Office
2022 Genesis GV60 Front Angle View Genesis
2022 Genesis GV60 Rear View Genesis

It goes on, "when the driver operates either the R-stage button or the D-stage button after selecting the steering mode, the steering button may be blocked from being exposed to the outside by the movement of the slider based on the operation of the actuator. When the driver engages an accelerator pedal, the vehicle may be operated in the selected steering mode."

Like many new technologies, once the gate is opened, then other automakers can see that something like a crabwalk is possible. And if we know anything about the 40 or so companies building cars for the US, none of them want to be the last to pick up the latest tech. This would be a nice get for the new Genesis GV60 SUV, but we would also expect it to trickle down to more pedestrian vehicles soon.

Hyundai/Patent Office
Hyundai/Patent Office
Hyundai/Patent Office
Hyundai/Patent Office

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