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Hyundai Poaches Another BMW M Engineer To Build N Cars

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Thomas Schemera to lead new High Performance Vehicle & Motorsport Division at Hyundai.

If you thought Hyundai wasn't serious about building some incredible high-performance hardware, you might want to check those thoughts at the door. The Korean automaker has poached yet another engineer from BMW's M performance brand, appointing him head of a newly created High Performance Vehicle & Motorsport Division within the company. Thomas Schemera will be responsible for strategy, product planning, sales, and marketing of Hyundai's bonkers future sports cars.

Fresh off revealing the new Hyundai Veloster N at the 2018 North America International Auto Show, the Korean automaker isn't content to bask in the hot hatchback's cool blue glow. Before joining Hyundai, Schemera was Head of BMW M and BMW Individual in the Americas. He'd been with BMW since 1987, practically making him a roundel lifer before the jump to the South Korean-based automaker. Schemera isn't the first M engineer to jump ship to Hyundai. Schemera's boss, Albert Biermann, is also a BMW M veteran who moved to the Korean automaker in 2015. The second M jumper was Fayez Abdul Rahman. While all are likely working on future N models, they could be joining to support Hyundai's supercar project.

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While the forthcoming Veloster N is certainly a welcomed addition—and many would argue it's now what the Veloster should have always been—hot hatches are not the forte of BMW engineers. Earlier this month, Hyundai's global sales boss hinted at an N version of the Tucson being in the works, but that still doesn't fit the BMW M mold. Regardless, Hyundai has put other automakers on notice, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Who would have thought 10 years ago we'd be expecting a supercar from the Koreans?