Hyundai Previews New Equus

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Korea's premier luxury sedan gets a host of technological updates in time for the New York Auto Show.

Typically automakers release teasers of cars they aren't quite ready to release just yet – something to keep us on the edge of our seats, waiting with baited breath and eager anticipation. So when Hyundai released a darkened image previewing an updated Equus, you might have figured there'd be some big changes in store. Well, the Korean automaker hasn't quite revealed its revised flagship luxury sedan just yet, but it has released a series of videos before it lifts the veil at the upcoming New York Auto Show.

The three clips, each about two minutes long, each preview another aspect of the car known in other markets as the Centennial: Comfort & Safety, Driving Dynamics and Concept & Design.

The new Equus upgrades with such features as blind-spot detection, adaptive cruise control, a steering-mounted toggle wheel with haptic feedback, around-view monitor, LCD instruments, HUD, 9.2" touch-screen display and LED lighting front and back.

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Of course the updates are being applied to an existing car, not a new one, but they ought to keep the Equus in stride with the competition and give buyers the technology they've come to expect in a high-end automobile.

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