Hyundai Promises Autonomous Functions Together With Augmented-Reality HUD At CES 2015

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Imagine that, a tech story that isn't about Germans.

After decades without evolving too terribly much, it seems that automotive heads up displays will be the hot new tech wizardry in the very near future. It was two years ago that Hyundai first showed its full-windshield augmented-reality HUD at CES, and now the system has returned to the tech show as what Hyundai is calling its production-ready version. The system uses dynamic animations to provide safety warnings, navigational information and the like.


The system is fairly similar to one recently shown by Jaguar, but Hyundai seems to be indicating that we're likely to see it in vehicles like the Genesis (which already has a more traditional HUD) first. In addition to the HUD, Hyundai also debuted some autonomous driving functions. The first involves a device that you wear on your wrist that vibrates to warn you of lane departures and such, but will also safely pull the vehicle over and park it, then call 911 if you become incapacitated. The other is a faction which will take over steering for you in narrow passages or streets, even though you probably had to do that yourself to get a license.


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