Hyundai Reveals Equus by Hermes

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Korean luxury sedan revealed in Seoul with a finely-crafted leather interior by one of the biggest names in the business.

Hyundai released a mildly updated Equus at the New York Auto Show this week. It has a whole raft of new features and the latest technologies. But aside from that old man living down the street (who overcame the loathing he acquired fighting in the Korean War when he saw how much cheaper the Equus is than the competition), nobody's going to care. Some may take note, however, at the version which Hyundai revealed at the same time during the Seoul Motor Show, collaborating with celebrated French fashion house Hermes.

Having previously done a special-edition Genesis sedan with Prada (of which far fewer were reportedly sold than projected), Hyundai based the new Equus by Hermes on the 2012 long-wheelbase model and upgrades with more luxurious fit and finish. It follows a similar Hermes edition carried out on the Bugatti Veyron. Beyond the two-tone exterior and the requisite special badging, the Hermes edition Hyundai is decked out with finely-crafted glove-soft leather, crocodile trim for the door panels, and a first class aircraft-style center console in the rear that holds four cups, a folding table, bottle compartment and even a blanket.

Only three examples have reportedly been made so far, surely fetching a pretty penny or two considering how much Hermes gets for one of its handbags.

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