Hyundai's N Performance Brand Is A Joke And Will Never Be Taken Seriously


Sorry, but it's the truth.

As far as we've seen, the Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo is one of the best vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It was created for "Gran Turismo 6" and to officially launch Hyundai's N performance brand. For those not keeping track of the automaker's ventures, N was launched two years ago and there still isn't a real vehicle available from the brand. The automaker is hoping that it will turn into something similar to BMW's M, but so far it has failed to even create one real-world car to show what it's capable of.

Two years ago, in 2013, Hyundai announced the performance brand with the release of the i20 World Rally Championship car. Notice a trend? Hyundai has a habit of bragging about N by releasing awesome vehicles people will never get the chance to drive. So while the N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo is gorgeous, it's also just bait to get you hooked onto the brand's half-baked plan of getting enthusiasts to dish out more money for non-existent vehicles in the future. Unlike BMW's M division (which makes real cars), Hyundai went out of its way to design and build a concept that will only ever see virtual roads without first building something realistic, or even real. That's just plain dumb.

However, the biggest problem with N is that we don't know anyone willing to pay a hefty premium for a tuned Hyundai. The sportiest vehicles in the automaker's lineup are the Veloster and Genesis Coupe, which aren't really that sporty compared to what performance brands from similar automakers put out. NISMO (Nissan's performance arm) and Mugen (Honda's) take real vehicles and make them sportier at an affordable price. Hyundai is known for affordable luxury vehicles, but even it struggles in that segment. Adding a performance brand to an affordable luxury automaker doesn't make any sense. We really hope Hyundai proves us wrong, but it needs to start making real cars to do that.

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