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Hyundai's New Customer Service Solution Is Brilliantly Simple

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Nobody likes taking their car to the dealer for service. Hyundai is making things easier.

Bring your car into the shop for service and you might get a loaner until your ride is ready. If your dealer or garage doesn't offer loaner cars, though, you'll have to get yourself home on your own. But at least one automaker is offering an alternative.

Hyundai dealers will soon begin hailing rides for its customers with Lyft. And the customer doesn't even need to have the app or an account set up with Lyft to take advantage of the service. Instead the dealer can hail a ride through a new app called Hailer.

Hailer was developed by CDK, a software company that serves car dealerships (among others). The app allows the dealer's service department to hail a ride for its customers. It can then pay for the ride itself as a courtesy to its customers, or add it to the customer's service bill to be paid all together. Hailer will even send a text message to the customer's phone when the ride is ready to take him or her between the dealership, home, and work.

"Our customers are going to really like the convenience of Lyft," Hyundai vice president Barry Ratzlaff anticipates.

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"Customers can now easily get on with their day while the inspection or service work is being performed on their car." And while Hyundai is among the first to adopt the service, it can't be long before other car dealers start using it, too.

"We are excited that Hyundai is providing its customers with Lyft convenience at participating dealerships," said CDK's Mahesh Shah. Lyft's Gyre Renwick added that "Hailer has the potential to disrupt and evolve the auto dealership industry, and we're excited to partner with Hyundai to introduce this solution at scale for participating dealerships across the country."