Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck Is Going To Look Amazing

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It'll be one of the most stylish trucks in the business.

After a stellar 2020 and the continued success of SUVs like the Hyundai Palisade, the Korean automaker has got to feel upbeat heading into the new year. But Hyundai is succeeding in segments it knows well; that's set to change once the brand launches its upcoming Santa Cruz pickup truck. The new truck was spotted in the wild a few times last year, while render artists have envisioned it sporting styling cues from the latest Tucson. But what if the Santa Cruz used visual elements from the latest Santa Fe instead? Based on new renderings by KDesign AG, this wouldn't be a bad thing as the result is one rather fetching pickup.

K Design AG/Behance
K Design AG/Behance
K Design AG/Behance
K Design AG/Behance

In front, the Santa Cruz render features a similar broad grille to the Santa Fe with a distinctive mesh pattern. The T-shaped LED daytime running lights that were such a unique feature on the Santa Fe translate well here as well, as they appear to flow continuously behind a section of the front fascia. The one aspect of the render that does look rather concept-like in its execution must be those wheels; they appear oversized relative to the size of the truck. The rear door also appears disproportionately narrow. At the back, the wraparound taillights of the Santa Fe have been retained.

Of course, with no enclosed rear section, it looks significantly different from the Santa Fe. It'll undoubtedly turn heads, but the overall look is more leisure truck than anything that could threaten a Jeep Gladiator off-road. The Honda Ridgeline springs to mind as a softer truck for on-road use, but it's nowhere near as eye-catching as this Santa Cruz render. Little is known about what would power the Santa Cruz at this point, but the rumor mill suggests that it could use a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-pot developing around 238 horsepower. We expect that while it won't be the most capable truck in its segment, it looks likely to have high showroom appeal.

KDesign AG
KDesign AG
Wheel Hyundai
Source Credits: Behance

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