Hyundai Santa Fe - Mid-size SUV

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The 2010 Hyundai Santa-Fe is a great and affordable mid-size SUV that comes with Hyundai's 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty. The 2010 Santa-Fe has received a new 2.4-liter bae engine and a slightly upgraded exterior. Unfortunately, as is the case with some of Hyundai's other models, performance is lacking with the Santa-Fe. Good news is that its all-wheel-drive system is excellent for snow, but not for rugged terrain.

Most critics seem to prefer the pre-new design model of the Santa-Fe for its quirky exterior. Today the exterior of the 2010 Santa-Fe is more conventional and forgettable; yet it like for the updated headlight and taillight lenses. The interior of the 2010 Santa-Fe is the best yet. It has high-quality materials used, an attractive dash, but the third row option is no longer available.

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