Super Bowl

Hyundai Shoves An Engine Into A Baby's Chest For Super Bowl Ad

It's not nearly as strange as it sounds.

Automakers are spending an insane amount of money on commercials for this year’s Super Bowl game and while brands are trying to reach out to customers in new ways, Hyundai’s is a little odd. Some die-hard automotive enthusiasts believe that cars are extremely similar to the human body—the engine is the heart, oil is blood and so on. However, Hyundai’s spin is that “better is the engine that drives us” in a literal and figurative manner. The whole engine in the chest reminds us of Iron Man.

But instead of an arc reactor, it’s a V8 that drives us.The commercial’s a little strange, but it definitely makes Hyundai stick out from the other brands. The Hyundai Vision G Concept is also a great car to use.

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