Hyundai Shows Off Tech-Prowess for 2015 Genesis

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Hyundai continues to step up their game with the Genesis, surely an appropriate place to start.

While the Equus might technically be Hyundai's flagship model, it's the Genesis which sits atop the hierarchy of the brand's mainstream cars. It's not trying to steal customers from Lexus, it's just a nice car for people who were already going to buy a Hyundai. That makes it an important car for the company, so they put a lot of effort into the 2015 model, and are now justly proud of it. They have even put out a new video showing off its features.

The video is in Korean, but that doesn't matter too much. The names of the feature they're showing off are in English. That's enough to find it impressive and Korean just sounds so no-nonsense cool anyway.

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