Hyundai Shows Veloster Race Concept in Australia

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Hyundai has followed up the reveal of the Veloster Street Concept with the Race Concept.

Hinting at the possibility of hitting the rally tarmac in 2013, Hyundai has unveiled its Veloster Race Concept, developed in Australia to withstand the extreme rigor of tarmac rally racing. The car was stripped down to its bare body shell and rebuilt by a team including Hyundai's own chassis experts and contracted motorsport specialists. While in tarmac rally spec for now, with a few mods the Veloster Race Concept could be eligible for the Australia Production GT and Rally Championship.

The long list of modifications made to the 1.6-liter turbocharged concept include a custom front lip spoiler and rear wing, carbon mirrors, stainless-steel hi-flow exhaust system, multi-point roll cage, Recaro carbon seats, race brakes, Sparco race steering wheel, adjustable suspension, 18-inch wheels and a lightweight carbon interior. "The Concept demonstrates Hyundai local in-house engineering and technical know-how at its best, and is a very exciting addition to the brand lineup at the Australian International Motor Show," said Hyundai Motor Company Australia Marketing Director Oliver Mann.

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