Hyundai Teases Elantra N Just As It Gets Leaked

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Back in August of last year, we got wind that a hardcore Hyundai Elantra N was on the way. It took a couple of months before we got confirmation of the vehicle's existence from Hyundai, but the Korean automaker was more than happy to let us take a pre-production model for a preliminary drive. Development has since continued, but with the car always fully clothed in camouflage that looks like cheap wrapping paper. Nevertheless, the car sounds good and we knew it would be just a matter of time before we'd get some teasers. Those teasers have just arrived courtesy of Hyundai's media team, but they're a little late.


There's not a whole lot shown in these teasers, but we do see N-badged brake calipers and bespoke wheels, as well as the obligatory red accents on the front spoiler, side skirts, and rear faux diffuser. There's also a medium-sized wing perched atop the trunk, and Hyundai says that its designers "took cues from the curves and lines of a sculpture to give the car a powerful and athletic stance."

Supposedly, both the side skirts and the wing improve the aerodynamics of the car. From what these images reveal, the Elantra N seems to be designed to be bold. Usually, at this point of the story, we tell you how we'll report back once we know more, but just as Hyundai's press release hit our inbox, so did the below spy shots, showing the car in all its undisguised glory.

Hyundai Clube Portugal/Facebook
Hyundai Clube Portugal/Facebook
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The images come from Hyundai Clube Portugal on Facebook, as the car is in Europe getting its promotional media created. What we see here are the aforementioned cues we could see in the teasers, as well as the N-exclusive Sonic Blue paint that you'd expect from a high-performance Hyundai. The front fascia is mostly blacked out, and this typically isn't a good look, but despite the low-resolution images, we think it works well here. We can also tell that the taillights appear to be smoked, and this version of the Elantra certainly sits a little lower, as you'd imagine. A sunroof also seems to be fitted, along with black wing mirrors. So when is it coming? Hyundai won't say, but more details will be revealed "in the coming weeks."

Aft View Hyundai
Front Angle View Hyundai
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Source Credits: Hyundai Clube Portugal

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