Hyundai Teases Fast EVs, SSC Tuatara Hits The Dyno, Rimac Nevera Ready For America, New Lamborghini V12 Hybrid, Tesla Software Updates: Cold Start

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Here's everything you need to know from the last 24 hours of industry news.

Good morning and welcome to Cold Start, your daily recap of the most important news stories from the past 24 hours. New cars have been teased, existing cars have been tested and proven, and the world's most famous EVs are now safer and more comfortable than ever.

To begin with, we look at exciting developments from Hyundai's N performance division. Then, we take a moment to see what the Shelby Super Cars Tuatara can do on the dyno before taking a look at developments concerning the quickest accelerating car on the planet. A new V12 hybrid Lamborghini and updates to Tesla models are where we end off.


Hyundai Teases Its First Fast EV

Hyundai's N division is responsible for its high-performance vehicles, and this team has helped bring brilliance to the roads with creations like the Veloster N, i30 N, and Elantra N, to name a few. For all its excellence, the skunkworks division has not yet applied its talents to an electric car. That is changing soon, however, as Hyundai N has now teased its first electric model alongside some sort of race car. We suspect that the Ioniq 6 will be getting the N treatment, but there's a good chance that the Ioniq 5 N will finally be revealed too. We'll know more next week.

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Watch The SSC Tuatara Put Down Monstrous Power On The Dyno

The Shelby Super Cars Tuatara has been a controversial car ever since SSC claimed that the car had achieved a top speed of 331 mph. That claim has since been refuted and SSC has apologized, with the company now working its way back towards the 300-mph goal - legitimately, this time. In its preparations, SSC has put the 5.9-liter twin-turbo V8 on the dyno to see what it really can do. Astonishingly, the engine is more powerful than claimed, achieving approximately 1,890 horsepower, or 140 hp more than SSC expected it to do. Hopefully, we'll soon get to see all this performance unleashed in a way that cements SSC's place in the annals of history.

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Rimac Nevera Now Legal In America

The quickest accelerating car in the world, the Rimac Nevera, has been a long time coming, but the first examples have finally started to see the road in Europe. But what about American buyers? Their wait is coming to an end too, as CEO Mate Rimac announced on Facebook this week. In the social media post, the Croatian inventor and businessman explained that the "Nevera is now EU and US homologated and ready for delivery." In addition, the California Air Resources Board has given it an all-electric driving range of over 287 miles. The EPA's estimates will likely be similar.

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Rear-Facing View Rimac

Lamborghini's Aventador Replacement Will Be A Wild V12 Hybrid

Our spy photographers have been snapping away in Europe and have captured close-up shots of Lamborghini's hotly-anticipated replacement for the Aventador flagship. We know that the car will get an all-new V12 with hybrid assistance, not to mention a boost in power, but we now also have a very good idea of what the car will look like. It's clear that this will be extreme and aggressive, with an arguably more radical look than that of the Aventador. Despite thorough camouflage application, the body of the prototype we spotted isn't leaving much to the imagination. But will it be beautiful? Take a look at the images and let us know.

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Tesla's Latest Update Is Great For Comfort And Safety

We wrap up with the recent 2022.20 software updates that Tesla has just released. Among the improvements, Tesla has added pothole detection, allowing vehicles equipped with adaptive suspension to better prepare for rough roads. In addition, Autopilot will remember where these potholes are when encountering them, thus helping future drives avoid the potholes altogether instead of just soaking them up. Furthermore, the software update has improved safety. Seatbelt pre-tensioners will now be able to respond before an impact at the front of the car, rather than after it, helping ensure that occupants are kept as safe and secure as possible.

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