Hyundai To Aim High, Produce 3-Series Rival

No such Korean car has yet been produced, but Hyundai certainly seems to have the right idea.

With only a few exceptions here and there, the big names in the compact sport/luxury sedan market have basically always been German. But with non-German rivals like the Cadillac ATS popping up and quite clearly meaning business, Hyundai has decided the Koreans should have a piece of the action as well. So a new rear-wheel-drive sedan, currently named simply “RK”, is in the works, and is being aimed squarely at the king of the segment, the BMW 3-Series.

Hyundai has been making some bold styling decisions of late, which have generally paid off big for them, and the RK is expected to be similarly bold, with a design based on the HCD-14 Concept that debuted in Detroit earlier this year. Some of the HCD-14’s more concept-ish touches aren’t expected to make it to production; the suicide doors, for example. But we can expect it to be nearly as striking at its projected debut in 2016. We currently know nothing about engines, but it’s reasonable to assume that there will be a turbocharged four-cylinder as standard and an optional V6.

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