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Hyundai To Use Bugs And Holograms To Design Future Models

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Creepy crawly tech and life-sized hologram passengers may be coming to your next Hyundai.

Hyundai Motor Group's vice chairman, Chung Eui-sun described to a Bloomberg reporter at ZERO1NE, Hyundai's innovation center based in Seoul, how the company plans to tackle the challenges of the motor industry in the coming decades. Chung's grandfather started the business back in 1947. In those days it was a construction company, today, with flagging sales in both the US and China, Hyundai is looking at construction in a different way, namely reconstructing how it faces future challenges.

The multi-pronged strategy includes bringing in talented individuals from brands such as Audi, Bentley and BMW and involves developing parts affiliate Hyundai Mobis Co. into a technology-centred supplier. Chung went on to say that it's cooperating with the Rhode Island School of Design to study insects such as the aerodynamics of perfect flying and their structures like the skin, antennae and joints. This can all help in developing ideas that will lead to innovative new solutions for cars of the future. One such comparison he made was the multiple cameras and sensors installed on autonomous vehicles that mimicked the eight eyes that spiders had.

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When asked by Bloomberg what other "wow" tech customers could look forward to, Chung spoke about its commitment to being the leaders in hologram technology in the future. He said that holograms could be projected out of the dashboard or even in the passenger seat and be voice controlled. You could have your wife or your secretary sitting next to you as a hologram, the possibilities really are endless. With Chung Eui-sun surmising that tech firms like Google will look to form alliances with automakers in the coming decades, having its own advanced technology will allow Hyundai to better navigate the future.