Hyundai Trademarks Nameplate Taken Directly From An American Rock Band

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Could it be more a future production or concept car?

We regularly find out about automakers trademarking nameplates that may or may not be utilized at some point down the road. Often times the goal is to simply secure the name to avoid a competing automaker from potentially using it. For example, Ford did so with the "Model E" nameplate.

Today, however, AutoGuide has learned that Hyundai has registered a nameplate with the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), as opposed to its American counterpart. That's not particularly unusual, but the name itself kind of is.


The South Korean automaker has just filed to own the name "Styx." That's right. Like the famous 1970s and 80s rock band. The trademark filing suggests the Styx name could be used for future automobiles that includes sports cars, SUVs, EVs, trucks, and buses. The fact that Hyundai filed only in Europe seems to suggest the vehicle, whatever it turns out to be, will be a European model only. On the other hand, the so-called Hyundai Styx could also very well turn out to be a concept vehicle.

Remember, the next major auto show will be Paris in early October. Paris also essentially kicks off the auto show season, and we know for a fact that Hyundai is not on the list of automakers not showcasing in the City of Lights. Another possible auto show venue is Geneva, but that's not until next March. In any case, chances are we'll find out the identity of the Hyundai Styx (Concept?) in the near future.


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