Hyundai Previews Ioniq 6 N With New 576-HP Concept

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Take in a glimpse of the new Hyundai Ioniq 6 N.

Under the banner of 'Hyundai N day,' the Korean carmaker has just unveiled a very special pair of cars described as "rolling labs," which will be used to develop the brand's latest technology. Hyundai has also confirmed that the Ioniq 5 N will arrive in 2023.

The RN22e, based on the Ioniq 6, will be all-electric while the N Vision 74, which you can read all about here, will use hydrogen power.

Hyundai has based the concepts on three pillars: corner rascal (fun-to-drive, balance cornering capability), racetrack capability, and an everyday sports car.

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The RN22e Will Be A 'Corner Rascal'

You probably recognize this strangely-named EV. If you hadn't guessed, it shares some similarities with the recently-launched Ioniq 6. This is likely the car that will become the Ioniq 6 N, and the brand even calls it "a glimpse of an upcoming N EV." It also rides on the same E-GMP platform as the 6, as well as the Genesis GV60, Ioniq 5, and Kia EV6. However, this one was built with performance driving in mind.

As such, it adheres to those three pillars we discussed above. Hyundai calls the RN22e a corner rascal on account of Hyundai's own e-LSD Corner Carving Differential. That's the same diff that made the Veloster N corner like a housefly. The advanced diff will make use of torque-vectoring via a twin-clutch setup.

It'll also use 3D-printed parts to reduce weight and increase rigidity. Hyundai has equipped the concept with AWD and "optimized torque distribution according to different drive modes," which will allow drivers to choose the torque split between the front and rear wheels.

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A Hyundai Built For The Track

In order to make the RN22e fit for the track, Hyundai says it focused on cooling and braking performance. Otherwise, the car will have plenty of power to help keep you quick on track. The RN gets four-piston mono-block calipers and large 15.7-inch rotors. The RN will also study "how to deliver dynamic movement with regen-braking that precisely controls yaw and corner attack." We think that sounds promising, like a sort of brake-by-wire system that'll help you rotate the car into or out of the corner using the RN22e's regen system.

Some design decisions have been made to aid cooling and on-track performance. There is, of course, the new rear wing. Hyundai went and redesigned the lower bumper to aid in cooling as well. That said, none of that is worth much without detailed specs.

The RN22e will make 576 hp and 545 lb-ft of torque on its way to a 155+ mph top speed. Hyundai does say that the battery will be a monster too. It's a 77.4 kWh unit with Hyundai's 800-volt fast-charge capability. It'll go from 10% to 80% SOC in just under 18 minutes on the right charger.

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The RN22e Is An Everyday Sports Car

Hyundai has made sure none of the Ioniq 6's space has gone to waste either. Much like the gas-powered Elantra N, this will be a car you can put cargo in while also managing a considerable rate of speed. The RN22e measures 193.5 inches long by 79.6 inches wide, by 58.2 inches tall. You'll notice that's pretty low for vehicle like the Ioniq 6, which originally sat around 59 inches. Finally, the car will have a long 116.1-inch wheelbase too.

Based on what we've seen of the Ioniq 6's interior, you'll have plenty of room for all your passengers and gear. To keep things interesting on the road, the RN22e will use "N Sound+" to generate sound from the "interior and exterior speakers for a dynamic driving feel." Something called N e-shift will also integrate vibration and shift feel with N-Sound+.

For now, Hyundai says the RN22e and N Vision 74 have not been confirmed for commercial production. However, given the upcoming Ioniq 5 N and new Ioniq 6, it likely won't be long until we see a production version of the RN22e.

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