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Hyundai Veloster Goes Drifting Lego-Style

Hyundai's turbocharged sport-hatch steps into Legoland for this promo clip.

Bricks and cars typically don't go well together. Especially when you're drifting. But Lego bricks and cars, now that's another story. Take, for example, this latest promo clip released by Hyundai. Instead of showing footage of its new Veloster Turbo drifting along real streets and racing circuits, it made a Lego version and pitted it against another Lego racecar. There's no telling if the 200-horsepower turbo engine made the jump to Legoland, but as you can see, the car's trademark matte grey was abadoned for a more eye-catching yellow.

The clip was made to promote "Asphalt 7: Heat", a new racing game for iOS in which the forced-induction coupe-hatch-thing features large. Which is all well and fine, but even if you have no intention of playing the game, the video is still worth a watch.

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