Hyundai Veloster Receives Mild Facelift, Warmed Over Looks And New 7-Speed DCT


Basically what you'd expect from a facelift.

The styling of the Hyundai Veloster isn't exactly the most polarizing ever seen in the automotive world, and it is indeed entirely possible to think it's just OK. But for those who have this opinion of the car, there has been a facelift just announced which might sway you a bit more to one side or the other. The changes aren't major, so you'd have to be pretty close to a conclusion already, but the interior in particular is nice, with a new two-tone color scheme.

The exterior touches are minor, mainly some new chrome trim around the grille and new wheel options. But the biggest news, and probably the only part of this that will be really polarizing, is the fact that the six-speed transmission in the Turbo has been replaced with a seven-speed dual-clutch unit. At least, that's how it seems, it is possible that the DCT is simply an option. But this could all be academic anyway, as one of the other big things we don't yet know is whether the facelifted version of the car will make it to the US. So far it is only for the Korean domestic market. Time will tell.


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