Hyundai's New Roll-Up Screen Removes Clutter And Adds Convenience

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Never worry about a screen being too big or too small.

Hyundai Mobis - the technology development arm of the automaker - has revealed a new rollable screen that could simultaneously minimize distractions while driving and maximize entertainment when stationary. We've probably all come across a video of a rollable television screen, but now, Hyundai Mobis has applied the concept to in-vehicle infotainment for the first time, with a rolling OLED display that can be as big as 30 inches (or even more) yet recedes into a space just 4.7 inches deep.

With several possible configurations, this system can offer a view showing only the most important information - similar to the new BMW head-up display - or an expansive view that provides loads of real estate, albeit not as much as with the Mercedes Superscreen display.

Hyundai Mobis

The company also notes that the display can be put in places other than the dash. For example, the company states that "the display can be installed on the ceiling between the front and the back seats and let it roll down" in a similar fashion to the 31-inch Theater Screen available in the BMW 7 Series. Alternatively, "it can be installed sideways next to the seats." Either way, a retractable screen opens up more possibilities for a clean, unfussy dashboard design, and there's less for the driver to be distracted by.

Earlier this year, CarBuzz discovered that GM had developed a similar idea, illustrating two things. First, designers don't like being forced to integrate black masses of nothingness that look especially bad when the car is off. Second, large screens, especially ones that respond to touch, are not good for safety.

Hyundai Mobis

Interestingly, Hyundai Mobis has also developed a new way of making touchscreens less distracting, using proximity sensors and predictive algorithms to reduce the number of inputs a user needs to make. The Korean automaker is clearly very serious about making infotainment systems safer and less intrusive, but new technologies such as these are unlikely to find their way into affordable cars any time soon.

We suspect that this rollable screen would debut in something upmarket - perhaps the high-end sports car Genesis has been looking into - but it will probably get cheap enough that we'll see some application of it in the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and its likeness in the coming decade.


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