Hyundai's Universe Mobile Office Makes Remote Working Luxurious

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Why go to an office building when there's this?

Hyundai Motor Group has revealed something somewhat unexpected but still extremely cool nonetheless: the Universe Mobile Office.

The name is very appropriate. What you're looking at is a variant of the automaker's Universe luxury passenger bus made specifically for the South Korean market. What makes this new one special is that it's designed to also serve as a mobile office, hence the name. Think of it as luxurious remote working on the road.

The automaker says it'll be offered in three variants: a standard 10-seater, 13-seater (12+1) with group collaboration space in the front section, 13-seater (again, 12+1) with expanded office space, and a 13-seater (11+1+1) with separate seating configurations for travel and "collaboration." We'll take the latter as meaning to work on the road.


Hyundai has made clear it wants to be a dominant player in the motor coach sector, and, in this case, it offers a "customized solution that takes remote work to the next level of mobility and luxury."

Some of the coach bus' interior features include three distinct areas with premium and practical design elements, like semi-automatic blinds and light-colored laminate floors.

The interior floor plan enables individual and group work thanks to unique spaces at the front and rear, personal workspaces in the middle section, and many customized storage spots throughout. There's even a video conferencing system - a must for Zoom meetings - a foldable conference table and sofa seating to provide plenty of comfort.

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To make working as comfortable as possible, especially when traveling, occupants will enjoy reclining seats, tables, wireless charging pads, individual entertainment systems, and more personal storage spaces. Like the Universe luxury bus, the Universe Mobile Office comes powered by one of the automaker's D6 industrial engines, meaning it'll have between 9.9- and 12.7-liters of displacement, up to 375 horsepower and 1,116 lb-ft of torque.

This is the first time North America has been shown the Universe Mobile Office, as Hyundai says it already made its official live debut at the 2021 Seoul Mobility Show. There are no plans to bring this thing stateside, but we're very much in favor of that happening. In the meantime, the Palisade three-row crossover remains the largest Hyundai on sale in North America.

This is not the first time we've seen a luxury coach bus like this, and, given the remote working trend these days, we wonder if it'll be the last.


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