IAD Land Shark Story Gets Weirder, Appears on eBay for $7,500,000


We just want to see the dyno charts on this one.

We’re not entirely sure what to make of this story, but the entertainment value of its weirdness made it too good to pass up. The story begins in 2009, when a man named John Gocha announced that he was building a modified version of the Mosler MT900 GTR XX. The claim was that it would have 2,500 horsepower, hit 305 mph, and would be powered with a combination of gasoline, ethanol and hydrogen fuel cells.

Press releases written entirely in caps were sent out and websites that ran stories about the car had long strings of comments about how great it was, all of which appeared to have been written by the same person. Then, as always seems to happen with these kinds of cars, nothing was heard about it again for years. But now it has turned up for sale on eBay, apparently being sold by the creator, for the hefty sum of $7.5 million, and with a few changes having been made to the description. The engine displacement has changed from 381 to 401 cu. in., and the horsepower has jumped from 2,500 to “4,400+” horsepower.

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The entire listing is again written all in caps, and includes the words “don’t even ask how much money was spent on this project”. We’ve obviously seen some pretty extravagant claims made about homemade supercars in the past, but those cars don’t then end up for sale for millions of dollars on eBay. We’re very curious to see how this all plays out, and whether or not this will turn out like the Abby Cubey debacle of a couple years ago. After all, that was a modified Mosler as well.